The tracking devices utilised by our fleet management system are custom-designed for our purpose.

The devices are the latest in technology, based upon the industry standard of java. The devices are capable of utilising the maximum allowable number of data channels to the GPS satellite network, allowing the highest level of accuracy in tracking your assets at all times.

Our reporting system is fully featured. One is capable of tracking assets individually, in segmented groups, or as a collective whole. Reports are able to provide any level of detail and insight required, and can be custom tailored to a company’s specific needs.

The system has additionally many optional features and sensors which can be added to your service, for example RFID scanners, UPC barcode scanners, temperature sensors, and door sensors to name a few. Additionally, the system can provide security to the vehicle and driver, via the implementation of a panic button and in-vehicle video surveillance, thus providing peace-of-mind to both management and the staff.

The system can assist in performing all of one’s fleet maintenance duties — odometer tracking, fuel usage, maintaining service history, providing event reports advising of pending maintenance work or scheduled parts replacement.


General Specifications

Parameter Specification
Platform JAVA, J2ME profile MIDP 2.0, 3.5MB Flash
Power Supply 9 – 60 VDC
Firmware Upgrade Via DB9 or by air interface
Firmware Setting Via DB9 or by air interface
SIM Card Type 1.8V, 3V
LED Status Indicator Main power, Battery, GSM/GPRS Status
Serial Port Interface DB9 connector for RS-232 PORT to support
Digital GPIO All GPIO are voltage Protected up to 40V – 6 bi-directional I/O ports
GPS 44 channels

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